Management Systems

Intelligence ecosystem Sophia

More than a mere client portal for views, we work with an end-2-end traceability ecosystem for operation of our clients, by mixing innovation, flexibility and 360º view that offer a unique experience.

We introduce Sophia (wisdom in Greek), a smart platform that offers our clients high connectivity and traceability in real time of their activities managed by BLS Tech.

In Sophia, we incorporate data collected from our management platforms, Service Center, WMS, connectivity with clients and Transportation to be transformed into valuable information.

We provide our clients access to:

  • View of stocks stored.
  • View of temperature of our warehouses.
  • Control of equipment used for transportation of products.
  • Individual tracking of each shipment and product transported.
  • Monitoring of end-2-end logistics activities.
  • Temperature monitoring in cloud from shipment to delivery.
  • Smart indicators for data-driven decision-making.

WMS (Warehouse Management System)
Our WMS allows us to optimize internal logistical processes as to follow the highest international standards for management of healthcare product stock.

Works in flows to ensure that steps are correctly followed and aligned with logistical standards used in large global companies. High flexibilization of special settings for clients and even products.

Besides logistics optimization, our system can help Quality division with the full view functions that we offer to our clients.

  • View of stocks for our clients.
  • Settings of special rules for recipients.
  • Settings of special rules for products.
  • Quality division participates in processes inherent to it.
  • Integration of processes.