Thermal Pads

We work with various types of thermal pads so that in-transit products are within suitable temperature ranges.

We have pads that are suitable for various sizes of products to be shipped, whether to the domestic market or export. Pads for small boxes or full pallets.

Our solutions are reusable, help the environment by minimizing the disposal of waste and improves operation cost x benefit ratio.

WILLPACK- Insulcap
Manufactured under international standards, Insulcap® has double-sided aluminized film and air chambers that provide high thermal barrier to keep products within temperature range 15ºC to 25ºC up to 5 days.

      BLS – PalletSafe
      Pad with great cost-effectiveness targeted at the domestic market for thermal barrier in the transit of pharmaceutical products. Provides high level of thermal protection against solar radiation.

        Individual thermal pads for boxes of varying sizes made of material with high thermal barrier capacity. Provides temperature maintenance reliability at different logistics process steps.